Featured Photos

The Colours of Nature

This is my most recognised photo. I took this photo on a brisk morning in 2020 on my old iPhone 7 and entered it into the Rotary Young Photographer Competition in 2022. The theme was “The Colours of Nature and I came first place in my school, then the district and overall second in the country.

28mm 1/1200 F1.8 ISO 20 | Apple iPhone 7

Sunset at Trebarwith Strand

This is one of my best shots I have ever taken. I stood on the very edge of some rocks trying to take this picture. I wanted the sky, the waves and the rocks all to be within the frame, so I framed the photo into thirds. The first third being consumed by the sky, the second/middle being where the waves were crashing and the final being the foreground of the rocks with the water closest to me gradually fading out of focus. I’m incredibly pleased with how this photo looked straight out of the camera and after enhancing them in post production it now looks even better; definitely my best photo of 2023.

75mm 1/2000 F4 ISO 1600 | Canon EOS 250D | Canon EF 75-300mm F4-5.6 III

Jack Savoretti

I struggled to get images when I went to see Jack Savoretti as they do not allow you to take cameras into the concerts. I had to use my iPhone to capture this shot and while the quality was quite low due to me having to digitially zoom in while taking the photo. Thankfully, editing this photo in black and white to make the lights stand out with Jack and the audience looking like shadows helped make this photo look brilliant and remove the distractions of low quality textures and details.

26mm 1/86 F1.6 ISO 125 | Apple iPhone 13